The BADERC brings together diverse scientific expertise under one umbrella, presenting a unique opportunity for our members to cross-fertilize and collaborate. One keystone effort to catalyze collaboration and interaction, is the Enrichment Program, which has a number of opportunities for learning and interaction:

  • BADERC research seminars, high-quality talks given at member institutions including MGH, BWH/CH, BIDMC, and the Broad Institute. The BADERC provides financial support to invite world-leading speakers in diabetes to each one of these venues every year. The BADERC Enrichment Program website houses a centralized electronic billboard of all diabetes-related events in the Boston Area, advertising the seminars upcoming that all in the BADERC are encouraged to attend.
  • Platform-Based Learning, in which BADERC member labs send trainees to a BADERC Core or BADERC member lab to learn a specialized technique. This unique BADERC feature spreads expertise in diabetes broadly across the greater Boston area.
  • Core Fairs, where Directors of the BADERC Cores present a user-friendly discussion of capabilities of their Core, examples of successful projects, how to engage each Core in a direct collaboration, and charge structure. Recordings of Core Director presentations will be featured on this website.
  • BADERC Annual Retreat which includes a keynote address, talks from successfully completed Pilot and Feasibility Projects, and a poster session in which Member Labs and P&F awardees showcase their work to the greater Boston Diabetes Community.
  • BADERC Newsletter goes out quarterly showcasing opportunities for funding, research news, upcoming events, and profiles of successful BADERC investigators.

Enrichment Program Leadership and Contact:

BADERC Associate Director Dr. Alex Soukas, asoukas@partners.org 
BADERC Associate Director Dr. Barbara Kahn
BADERC Administrator: Pam Ricevuto, MGHBADERCadmin@partners.org




Last Updated on May 13, 2024