Broad Institute Projects

The BADERC has established a relationship with the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, aiming to facilitate and support BADERC investigators whose projects would benefit from collaboration with the unusual technological capabilities at the Broad Institute.   The relationship includes facilitating interactions between BADERC investigators and Platform leadership, and modest amounts of funding for approved projects.

Broad has a number of scientific “Platforms” or technology areas: professionally managed organizations whose mission is to develop and manage capabilities outside the scope of individual laboratories. Platforms have expertise in high throughput laboratory technologies, application development, process optimization, project management, bioinformatics and software engineering. Broad Institute platforms are financially self-supporting (other than when starting up), and thus recover costs through user fees.

The platforms include Data Sciences, Genetic Perturbation, Genomics, Imaging, Metabolite Profiling and Proteomics. Additional information about each platform is available here:

Due to limited bandwidth, capacity and funding, in many cases Broad platforms are forced to prioritize among potential projects. To facilitate collaboration with the diabetes research community, BADERC has met with leaders of particular platforms and set aside a modest amount of funding to support the work required by the platform, equivalent to one Pilot & Feasibility proposal per year (which can be extended to a second year of funding, contingent on satisfactory progress).

Investigators interested in such collaborations can begin by contacting Bridget Wagner (, who will help make connections with the relevant platform. Investigators requesting funding support will be asked to write a brief proposal that will be reviewed for feasibility with the relevant Platform, and for scientific merit and funding priority by external reviewers and a BADERC committee, analogous to the P&F review process.



Last Updated on June 20, 2022