Epigenomic and Transcriptional Analysis of Adipocyte Biology

Our laboratory is interested in the biology of the adipocyte in health and disease.  Many projects within the lab are centered on the idea that understanding the transcriptional pathways by which adipocytes develop and govern their physiology can lead to therapeutic advances. We are also working on mechanisms by which adipocytes regulate insulin sensitivity and metabolic homeostasis both internally and systemically.
Much of our work involves integrating epigenomic and expression data to yield insights into novel transcriptional pathways in adipocyte biology. The predictions generated by these unbiased approaches are then validated using a variety of ‘wet lab’ approaches, including gain- and loss-of-function studies in vitro and in vivo.  For example, we have used modified histone mapping to identify six novel transcription factors regulating adipogenesis, lipolysis, lipogenesis, and thermogenesis. More recently we have turned to modeling disease states in adipocytes, such as insulin resistance, using similar approaches. These studies are being performed in cell culture and in vivo, including a large effort in human subjects.


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Last Updated on September 29, 2020