Robert Gerszten, MD

Institution: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Research: Biochemical Profiling of Human Cardiometabolic Diseases and “Retro-translation” to the Bench
Grants & Publications: Harvard Catalyst
Categories: BIDMC

Our laboratory focuses on the nexus of cardiac and metabolic diseases with a particular interest in exercise biology and inter-organ communication. To expand the novelty and clinical impact of our studies, we have developed and incorporated emerging metabolomics and proteomic technologies towards the discovery of new biomarkers and pathways. We make observations in humans and then turn to cell and animal-based systems to test for causal relationships. Because metabolites and proteins are downstream of genetic variation and transcriptional changes, they serve as “proximal reporters” of physiology and may be highly relevant biomarkers for human diseases. At the same time, we leverage human genetics to understand the genetic architecture of circulating factors for pathway elucidation. Our multi-disciplinary research incorporates basic molecular and cell biology, genetics, chemistry, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics, all with a foundation in clinical medicine.