Inflammation and Atherosclerosis

The links between the major theme of the Libby laboratory, inflammation in cardiovascular diseases, to metabolic diseases including diabetes and obesity have become increasingly apparent.   Work from Libby laboratory has explored the interface between adipose tissue, adaptive immunity, and atherosclerosis. We showed that T cells regulate aspects of biology of adipose tissue, defined a role for the Th1 cytokine gamma interferon in regulating insulin sensitivity in obese mice, and in new studies have explored the mechanisms of T cell recruitment to adipose tissue. We have also explored the interface between adiponectin and aspects of the immune and inflammatory response related to atherothrombosis. These studies can benefit from the use of proteomic and RNA profiling facilities available through BADERC. Dr. Libby as a true translational investigator contributed to the study that first demonstrated the link between statin treatment and incident diabetes, and explored the risk factors for this relationship. Dr. Libby has moreover co-led the conception and execution of a large-scale cardiovascular outcome trial (CANTOS) that targets interleukin-1 beta that has prespecified incident diabetes as a secondary endpoint.


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Last Updated on September 29, 2020