Novel signaling pathways in metabolic disease associated cardiac remodeling

Our laboratory studies the interaction between acquired heart diseases and cardiac remodeling.  One focus of the lab is on how kinases and other signaling pathways that are altered in metabolic diseases such as diabetes and insulin resistance (notably AMP-kinase and SGK-1) alter ion channel function, and how that correlates with myocardial energetics.  A second project assesses the role of a novel mTORC regulator ddit4L in autophagy, cell death and energetics in response to metabolic stressors. A final project characterizes the role of plasma extracellular RNAs (ex-RNA) as a novel paracrine signaling mechanism in cardiac diseases including cardiometabolic diseases such as insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. We use cell culture, patch clamping, transgenic and other mice models as well as novel imaging tools to answer these questions.  We then try and correlate these findings in human subjects using retrospective and prospective cohort analyses.


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Last Updated on September 29, 2020