The neuroendocrine control of reproductive function and metabolism.

My expertise lies in the central control of endocrine events, with special attention to the neuroendocrine regulation of energy balance and reproductive function. In this general context, the outcome of my research activity has significantly contributed to the characterization of the physiological role of kisspeptins and Kiss1r in the control of key aspects of reproductive function, including puberty onset, sexual differentiation of the brain, gonadotropin secretion, positive and negative feedback effects of sex steroids, ovulation and the metabolic gating of fertility. Currently in our lab we are focused on expanding our knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the neuroendocrine control of kisspeptin/GnRH release with special attention to its modulation by metabolic factors as well as the assessment (and potential treatment) of the reproductive impairments observed in most metabolic disorders such as diabetes.


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